Friday Link Dump

This is a new thing we’re going to try out here, to aid in our ability to give you what you want, and also so our writers can have a day off to relax and enjoy some sunshine, or just surf the internet, but not on this particular site.

Every Friday, for as long as we do this (which will be at least 1 Friday), we’ll be collecting interesting reads from around the internet as they pertain to the Packers, football in general, or touchdowns.

So, enjoy!


McCarthy: ‘We’re further ahead than we were last year

Cut Down Week: Alex Green

Image courtesy of JS Online

A fitting image for my cut down week selection, eh? I thought it was good. Anyways… The Packers are entering camp with five major players in the running back department, and one of those definitely (probably?) has to go. I think it will be Alex Green. Continue reading

Cut Down Week: Andrew Quarless

Photo Courtesy of Matt Ludtke Photography

It’s no secret that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy love the tight end position because of the variety of roles it can play, whether it’s as a pass-catcher, a blocker, or an H-back. Last year, Green Bay kept five tight ends on the roster. There’s no reason why the dynamic duo won’t keep four or five again this season, but I believe there will be a changing of the rotation with the eventual release of Andrew Quarless. Continue reading

Cut Down Week: Jarrett Bush

Please please please please please please please please please…..

Sorry, my emotions got a hold of me. But this is a place for “journalism”. This week’s topic is “players who won’t make the cut even though you thought they probably would.” I’ll admit, my choice may actually make the team. He has some redeeming qualities. But do they outweigh the burden of his roster spot? Let’s find out. Continue reading